Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Race Report - Victoria Marathon 2013 - DNS

My second ever DNS (Did Not Start). My first was last fall, I had bad case of the flu prior to the Bellingham Trail Marathon. 

One week. 

9 days prior. 

I was doing the last clinic session with my marathon clinic, doing some speed work around False Creek. Flat, flat False Creek

My legs had been tired all week and I really wasn't paying attention. As we went into another speed interval I clipped my toe and went chest first, sliding along the seawall. 

I don't recommend body surfing on concrete. Regardless, with badly bruised ribs, I had to drop out. 

I would've been more upset about missing the marathon if I hadn't already ran a good marathon in Dingle, and Squamish 50 before that. 

Fortunately my clinic members totally rocked the weekend and I was able to see most of them through at the finish line in Victoria! 

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