Saturday, 11 January 2014

What’s Up for 2014? (or Six Loose Plans Masquerading as Goals for 2014)

It's the second week of January and I’m still not 100% sure what my goals are for 2014. I’ve had several ideas swirling around my brain but I’ve not taken the time to catalog and prioritize them. There are no shortage of blogs posts this time of year extolling the latest productivity techniques and ways to accomplish goals, but one theme runs throughout and that is that you need to be clear about your intentions, write them down, and make a plan.

So with that in mind, here are some thoughts and loose plans for 2014.

1. Training – Trials of Miles 
Most of my non-running friends probably think I run too much already, but truly, in order to run faster you do need to consistently run more. I’ll be doing 5 – 6 days a week, primarily Zone 1 with hills, fartleks and track work thrown in. I’m also going to work on more core and strength.

2. Leading another marathon clinic out of Running Room
Starting January 16th I’ll be heading up my third Marathon Clinic out of the Running Room. A 16 week training program leading up to Vancouver International Marathon (for newbies and experienced alike). Join us!

3. Ultras - Run My First 50 Miler 
I was tossing this one around for a 2014 goal since last summer. It’s a little bit bigger time commitment and I’ll need to find myself on more trails. I’d like to find one that’s not overly technical for my first. The Siskiyou Out Back in Oregon (July) might fit the bill. Their 50km was my first ultra distance trail race in 2012 and it was beautiful country and mostly well-groomed trails. There’s also the Meet Your Maker 50 in Whistler (September) which is closer to home but, from what I understand, much more technical.  I should probably run at least one more 50k prior to attempting the 50 miler but I’m still not sure where and when I’ll fit that in. Chuckanut appears to be sold out in March but I’ll keep myself on the waiting list.

4. Marathons 
I’m signed up to run my 4th BMO Vancouver Marathon on May 4th. May the Fourth Be With Me! I’ll once again be aiming for a 3:15. Let the training commence!

Fall marathons may depend on when I run the 50 miler. Victoria Marathon is close to home and it’s a fast course so it would be a nice end-of-year marathon. Portland Marathon is also not that far and a good excuse to travel and hang out in that city. I still haven’t run the Bellingham Trail Marathon (November), and there’s also another crack at Seattle Marathon in December. Lots of options.

5. Half Marathons
I didn’t manage to pick up a First Half Half Marathon (February) entry before it sold out but I might be able to grab one from someone dropping the race. In June there is a Round The Mountain 20k in Kimberley, BC, close to my hometown. I’d love to get back for a  visit with my folks and run what would surely be a gorgeous trail “around the mountain.” There’s also the Langley Historic Half and the Sunshine Coast April Fools Half to consider.

6. Faster 10k
I set a 10k PB at the Longest Day race out a UBC last year but it was not an easy course. I’m hoping to run Summerfast or another nice, flat course and work towards a 40 minute finish.

Who knows what other trouble I can get into, it's always a surprise, but I think that's a good start.

Hope to see you out there!

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