Saturday, 11 May 2013

2011 Recap (December 2011)

2011 stats:
Total Mileage - 2180km

Nov 12th - Energizer Night Race 10k - 44:39
Oct 9th - Goodlife Victoria Marathon 3:45:06 (PB) 
Jul 21st - Summerfast 10k - 43:22 (PB) 
Jun 26th - Scotiabank Half Marathon - 1:38:16 (PB) 
Jun 15th - North Shore Credit Union Longest Day - 10k 47:55
May 1st - BMO Vancouver Marathon - 4:22:00
While I’ve run regularly since my first 10k race in 2007, it is 2011 that will be known as the year I actually “started running.”  (Coincidentally, 2011 is also the first year I used my entire extended health benefit on physio)
I ran my first half marathon in the fall of 2010 and started mulling the idea of running a full marathon in 2011. Through a lucky twist of fate while chatting with a  neighbour in January 2011 I found out about a Running Room Marathon Clinic that had just started. I’d never considered a running clinic before and certainly didn’t realize the amount of training actually required to prepare to run 26.2 miles.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 18 week clinic instructed by Dave and was truly inspired meeting the wide variety of runners taking part. I went from a once or twice a week runner to a 3 to 5 times a week runner with ever-increasing long runs, hill and speed training. The intensive training was challenging and invigorating and got me to my first marathon, the BMO Vancouver in May. Unfortunately towards the end of training my IT Band started to flair up and instead of going to physio I tried to ignore it (all hail inexperience!). It seized up about 10k into the marathon and I limped my way through to a 4:22 finish. Not anywhere near my 3:45 goal time but I was proud to get through my first marathon and learned a LOT along the way.
Now that I had the bug and a renewed vigour to make my goal time I decided to sign for my second marathon clinic, this time instructed by Greg. Once again the training was excellent and I was well prepared for my second marathon in October, the Goodlife Victoria Marathon. I was feeling extra confident, even had a few physio sessions prior to the race. I was aiming for a 3:30 finish, but once again inexperience set me back. I went out too hard on the front half and ended up struggling mightily from around 26km on. Still, I was thrilled to finish with a 3:45.
I didn’t incur any injuries during marathon number two and started back into training fairly quickly afterwards. I strained my hamstring just prior to my last registered race of 2011, which was the 10km Energizer Night race in November. During the race I ended up aggravating my hamstring as well as straining my groin and could barely walk for over a week. I was hoping it would settle down on its own so held off going to physio for a few weeks, which was probably another rookie mistake that led to a prolonged recovery. 

So, even though I still find myself struggling with a groin injury going into 2012, I’m excited to be signed up for Greg’s next marathon clinic starting in January. I may be late getting started but I’m confident I’ll be back in action soon.
I’m really fortunate to have met some amazing, inspiring people in the running community this year and I’m looking forward to another year of new goals and new challenges.  
Happy New Year!

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