Sunday, 2 June 2013

I'm leading another marathon clinic!

I guess I didn't ruin anyone too badly so I'm back to lead the Broadway Running Room Marathon Clinic for the summer session starting June 13th! 

Broadway Running Room - Marathon Clinic
I'm no Salazar but if you show up and do the kilometers, the program is well-tested and it will  get you to the starting line well-prepared. (It'll be up to you to get to the finish!). 

If you're not familiar with the Running Room method, we follow a Run/Walk protocol for the long runs. It's an effective way to log long training miles with less chance of injury while still getting the benefits of increased aerobic capacity, improved lactate threshold, etc. 

Though you'll benefit from more mileage, you can get by on a three day per week commitment. Every Sunday (8:30am) is a long slow run, slowly building in distance over the 17 weeks. Thursdays at 6:30pm is Clinic Night where we may have a guest speaker (on a range of topics), followed by hill training or speed work. Wednesdays (6:00pm), is always a 10km route. 

We'll be training for the fall marathons, primarily, Okanagan Marathon, Victoria Marathon and Portland Marathon though some may also be working towards Seattle and New York a little later. 

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